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ISW Industries

124B, S. P. Mukherjee Road, Opp: Kalighat Tram Depot, Kolkata-7000, 26, W.B. India
About ISW Industries

We are a reputed manufacturer & Distributor of an extensive range of Water Treatment & Waste Water Treatment Products & Accessories.
ISW Industries a diversified company formed by a team of enthusiastic technocrats with a clear objective of developing and providing innovative products in the field of water, waste water and chemicals.

Our Products: FRP Vessel, Multiport Valve, Auto Multiport Valve, Resin, Distribution System, Dosing Pump, RO Components, Sensor Controller & Transmitter, Starter & Panel, Ozone Generator, SS Tanks, UV System, Filtration Media, Instrument, MBBR Media, MBR Media, Filter Press, Diffuser, High Pressure Pump, Sewage Pump & Water ATM. 

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+91 33 3002 2806, Cell: +91 9830043695

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Water Treatment Plant & Equipment,